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The purpose of this e-petition “A CALL TO ERADICATE MOB JUSTICE CULTURE IN NIGERIA” is to provide a platform to all Nigerians that find Lynch Mob Activities in Nigeria despicable to raise their disapproval to the Nigerian Government. All signed e-petitions received will be presented to the Nigerian Government by News Express Nigeria, News Express Nigeria will also publish all signed e-petition on their website providing they:

meet the further criteria below Submission Conditions To sign this e-petition, you must be either:

  • a Nigerian citizen
  • a Nigeria resident (you normally live in Nigeria)
  • you are a Nigerian but live abroad
  • you have relatives or family living in Nigeria
  • you have relatives or family living in Nigeria
  • you are married to a Nigerian
  • you have a duel Nationality Nigeria being one of the Nationality

The News Express Nigeria / HMU (Strobe Records) may contact you by email to:

  • confirm you have signed an e-petition
  • provide updates about the e-petition

If you sign an e-petition (are a ‘signatory’), you will only receive updates if you choose this option when you sign it.
All signatories will receive a first email that asks you to confirm your email address.

Paper based Petitions

News Express Nigeria is an online News Paper for this reason this e-petitions system is intended to replace the paper based system of public petitions to the Nigerian Government.

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